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The torrent of Ayes will rock your nights and allow the most courageous to dip in its basins.

Located at 2000 m altitude, our camp is set in a preserved environment, on the banks of the Ayes stream,

near the biological reserve of Bois des Ayes.

 Le Bois des Ayes

The Bois des Ayes is essentially made up of a cembraie - melezein (arolla pine and larch) to which are associated the rhododendrons and blueberries. It has the particularity of sheltering beyond 2100 m of altitude a pure cembraie. It is of particular interest in fauna, with the presence of the nutcracker, the pygmy owl, the Tengmalm's owl and the black grouse.

More information on the biological reserve of Bois des Ayes here


From the refuge of the yurt, various mountain areas are accessible, from the most known and frequented to the most secretive :

To the south

The climb to the Col des Ayes, in a difference of altitude of 500 m and 1h30 of walk, gives access to the Queyras, territory of hiking reputed. The most agile can climb the slopes leading to the Peak of Beaudouis, at 2843 m.


The GR5 descends to the chalets of the Ayes, alpine hamlet inhabited only the summer, then joins the valley of the Durance, traveling through the beautiful forest of Mélézin.

To the west

After crossing the crest of the Brusas around 2400 m, the trail descends on the discrete chalets of the Taure, then gives access to the lake Orceyrette, jewel in which are reflected the rocky summits lately snowy: Pic de Haut Mouriare, Maravoise or Chalanches, or that of Peyre-Eyraute to 2903 m


It will take a little searching to find the discreet path that leads to the unknown Prabeguy hut while offering beautiful views of the valley of the Ayes. Off trail, and traversing rough terrain, the more adventurous will then be able to reach the Col de la Roya, overlooking the chalets of the Izoard.