The refuge

The refuge, with a capacity of 12 places, consists of four felt yurts: Three are of Kyrgyz origin, one of Mongolian origin.

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A first yurt constitutes the space of life of the day, where are prepared and served the meals, and where one can, buried in the cushions, recharge after a good day's walk.

Two other yurts are dedicated to sleeping: one in dormitory from 7 to 8 places; the other, in a more family format, accommodates 4 to 5 people.

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The sleeping

For the sleeping around, we chose to share you the comfort of the Kirghiz yurts. Mattresses are arranged on carpets, and furnish with duvets. Do not forget your sheet bag (or sleeping bag). Possibility of rent sheet bag if necessary.


The meals are taken on low tables, installed in the cushions, in a setting that we chose in the Kyrgyz villages. Inspired by a cuisine of the world, we offer in the evening good food, nourishing for hikers, preferring fresh, local and organic products.

The breakfast

Complete breakfasts, including hot drinks, cereals, dairy and fruit, will allow you to start the day pleasantly. On order, we can prepare the picnic of the next day noon for the itinerant hikers.

At this altitude, we can not offer the same comfort as down in the valley

  • A spring captured upstream feeds the fountain, and the most courageous can wash themselves in the torrent;

  • Dry toilets are installed nearby;

  • Autonomous power generation allows us to illuminate the yurt of life and generally allows the charging of your mobile phones. For your comfort, do not forget your headlamp.